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Who are we ?

The Association is a group of local people, working to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Pond Park area. 


We all contribute our time for free and none of us receives any financial or other compensation for the work we do; we are all volunteers. 


The Association was formed in 2003 and has been working for the benefit of everyone in Pond Park and Ridegway since then.   

What do we do ?

We encourage, sponsor, and raise finance for projects in the Pond Park area that will benefit all residents.  We are particularly keen to promote the welfare of young and old people.  We seek to improve the quality and safety of the local area.


Our objectives as laid down in our Constitution are:


- to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Pond Park, that falls within the electoral wards of Ashridge Vale, The Vale and Ridgeway


- by associating voluntary organisations and inhabitants in a common effort to improve the conditions of life for the said inhabitants and to improve facilities in the interests of social welfare.


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How do we do this ?

We get involved in a wide range of things, including:


raising funds for local projects.  Despite the challenging economic environment there are still funds available for local projects.  However, in order to get this money, local people and local organisations need to apply for it - it will not simply appear because there is need.  Local communities and organisations have to get active !


- acting as a voice for local residents who advice of their concerns and/or who can see opportunities for community action.   We liaise very closely with the police and local authority representatives, who regularly attend our meetings.


- regular monitoring of local services. We make regular representations to the relevant authorities. 


- we have a close link with both District and Town Councils, having both Town and District Councillors as committee members.