Older People

Have a look at our diary of local events for things to do throughout the week.  There's lots of activities for older people.


In particular, the Pond Park Over-30s Group run a number of weekly events including social, educational and other activities.  Click here for more details.



Are you a carer (maybe without realising it). A carer is an unpaid relative or friend of someone who cannot manage to live alone due to illness, disability or conditions.


Carers help with personal things like getting someone dressed, turning them in their sleep, helping them move about, or with medication, shopping, laundry, etc.

Take a look at the attached document for details of a scheme to provide financial and other assistance to those who care for others in or near their homes.

Microsoft Word document [108.0 KB]

EXERCISE !:  Don’t be put off exercising because of difficulty getting to a Leisure Centre. 


To get to any Leisure Centre in Chiltern, if you go by bus from anywhere in Chiltern, you can give your bus ticket to Reception and get a full refund.  This applies to everyone, anywhere in the Chiltern District. Chiltern Pools, Amersham Buses number 362 and 4; Chesham Leisure Centre Buses number 52, 59 and 336.


A new service has just been launched to help those who get into debt.  It's entirely free of charge, and nothing else is asked of those using the serevice.


Click on the press release below to find out more.....

Debt Counselling Service.doc
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Bucks Connect is a new website which went live earlier this year with information on organisations, societies and clubs for adults, telling us about things to do and people to meet, and including information such as: 

o        Help to live at home

o        Support groups

o        Options for short and long term care

o        Advice on mobility and getting  around


You can find the site at www.bucksconnect.org.uk


Useful telephone numbers for the Over-50s.  Take a look !  Maybe print it out and keep it handy.

Useful telephone numbers.pdf
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Have you had a fall ? 

Do you ever feel unsteady?  Are you frightened of falling?  Or do you know an older person who would answer yes?  Then read on!

1 in 3 over 65 year olds will fall in any one year.  Among the over 80s that rises to 1 in 2!  Falling is not an inevitable result of growing older.  Reduced strength, balance and speed of reaction may turn a slip, trip or stumble into a fall.  The Get Fit, Avoid Falls programme has been shown to reduce falls and increase confidence.  Contact Caroline Luff caroline.luff@nexuscommunity.org  or phone on 07970 214742.

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